Initial launch offer


Initial Launch offer

TFLM (Télé-fibre La Minerve) is a non-profit organisation, which is profoundly allergic to price increases and makes the following commitment:
We will guaranty to freeze the base prices(1) * for 24 months for the clients who got on board during a Window of subscription**, at the time of the Initial Launch Offer.


* Base prices for services: :

  • Internet – Fiber 10, 30, 50 and 100 including Unlimited Volume.
  • Television – Base price including HD.
  • Telephone – Base price.

Fiber Optic Termination Equipment at Customer Premise - Free and Guaranteed.

** DEFINITION – Window of subscription

This Window of subscription is a fixed period of time with a specific termination date, which allows clients to subscribe to the proposed services of their choice from the TFLM.

Each sector will have their own Window of subscription.

You will have to indicate through the Customer services which services you wish, and pay the $ 150 installation fee upfront before the specific termination date.

At the end of the specific termination date the TFLM will compile a list of all clients that have subscribed to the limited time offer. These customers will be informed of being on the list.

Once the last client of that list is connected, then and only then will the guaranty of base price start. The clients with receive written confirmation of the start date of the base price guaranty.

TFLM is committed to hooking up the customers within the shortest delays.

You as a client will have to permit TFLM to proceed with hook-ups as soon as possible.

Clients who did not take advantage of this Initial Launch offer Window of subscription can receive the same services without the guaranteed base price freeze.